Temporary Hiatus

I have gotten a lot of questions about when I am going to be starting my season… normally, by mid March I have raced a few times. I am sure many of my competitors have noticed that I have not nominated myself for any races yet this season but as many athletes also know, one of the hardest things that we often must do in order to continue to improve as an athlete is to allow for time away from the sport.

I have loved racing, training and dreamt of climbing the ladder of the ITU circuit since I started racing triathlon full time in 2013. The last 5 years I have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life but with those experiences have also come a lot of sacrifice and putting everything else on hold to make sure I was prepared to compete the best I could nearly 10 out of the year.

Steve and I got married in Nov 2016. He has been my biggest cheerleader. Never once has he complained about having to pull double duties at home, take care of our two dogs, or work full time at his “real” job then go cover for my masters night programs/tri camps or help me out with all my extra duties in the community. His support and all his extra hours has allowed me to continue to do everything I love while continuing to race at the highest level possible.

Steve has never once complained about not getting a real “Honeymoon” as our honeymoon money went towards his travel to be with me overseas to cook for me and carry my bike bag through the airport which eliminated a ton of extra outside stress and allowed me to jump as high as 32nd on the world ranking list in 2017.

I have zero regrets about sidelining everything else for this dream because it has been amazing but with that being said… during the season of 2018 I will be taking a year Hiatus from racing.


Steve and I are excited to announce that we are expecting a baby girl in August.


Taking the entire season off wasn’t necessarily part of “the plan” but to be honest I learned that becoming a mom can be harder than one might think especially when you’re an athlete who has put a lot of stress on your body from day to day training. With that being said this new journey has brought a lot of excitement and fear.

I have dreamt of becoming a mom since I can remember and while I know its going to be really hard sitting this season out Steve and I are excited to be launching TeamE, our kids triathlon team through the Bentonville Parks and Rec this summer and hosting several tri camps in the community while awaiting for our newest member to arrive.

For everyone who has followed my journey from a college athlete to a US National Team member I am anxious to return to racing and follow in the steps of some of the greatest women in the sport of triathlon: Nicola Spirig, Gwen Jorgensen, Miranda Cargrae and will be even more anxious to toe the line early next season giving myself a whole new reason for racing, climbing the ladder, and with two little extra hands and feet waiting for a hug from me at the finish line.

Thank you for all my sponsors, friends, and USA Triathlon who have all been so supportive as Steve and I enter this new phase of our lives and who have shown excitement and support for the long road I have ahead of me as a new mom, wife, and a professional athlete continuing to fight my way back up to the top come this Fall.